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Whether you print Bar Codes, Labels, Bills of Lading, Invoices or other critical documents, we offer the advanced technology and customized solutions that keep your business running. Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution .

Having long terms and close cooperation with the most reliable printer suppliers in the world TallySun looks forward to a further strengthening of its serial, mobile and thermal printer ranges, and, in the near future, to the establishment of other new offices and partners throughout EMEA.

TallySun is a private company operating as a printing solution provider which has focused on different environment such as:

  • ·Developing, manufacture ring and providing of enterprise printing solutions
  • ·OEM branding , Distributing, System integrator of different well-known reliable sources

Solution maker and Service Provider of value-added services for different printing applications